Student Entrepreneurs

University of Nebraska Launches Biz Kids Camp to Encourage Student Entrepreneurs


KEARNEY, NE (August 25, 2018) - The University of Nebraska’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Rural Development is teaching students age 10 to 14 to develop business ideas and manage finances.

"It's to kind of light that entrepreneurial fire for these students. They might know they want to start a business someday and we're really just helping them refine those skills and put them into practice," said Aliese Hoffman, coordinator of youth education.

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Idaho’s Entrepreneur Challenge Awards Seed Funding to Top Startup Pitches

Idaho Entrepreneurs

BOISE, ID (August 21, 2018) - Zion Bank awarded $100,000 in seed funding for startup ideas pitched by Idaho State University students at the annual Idaho Entrepreneur Challenge.

The event gives students an opportunity to present their ideas to a team of angel investors and venture capitalists.

“Numerous judges and panelists commented on the very high quality of the ideas and presentation of the ISU teams. Over 90 teams from across the state joined the competition. According to the judges, our student teams represented ISU very well as the benchmark institution for others to follow,” said Jeff Street of the ISU Center for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development.

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Business Tips for Student Entrepreneurs


BROOKLYN, NY (February 12, 2018) - Starting a business as a student is an exhilarating challenge that requires a strategic approach. Entrepreneur offers a guide to smart financial tips for students starting out in the business world.

Read the entire article here. connected Medgar Evers College student Ashley Warmington with a 0% interest loan for her AirBnB management company CozyOasis.

“Searching for financing to grow my company took a lot of time away from running my business and each lender handed me a big stack of application forms,” explained Ms. Warmington. “ on the other hand was able to match me with the right funding from the most trusted source and on the first attempt — saving significant time and money — all with the assistance of a personal Funding Advocate looking out for my best interests and assisting throughout the process and when I ran into issues with the lender.”

Ashley is an incredible example of what’s possible for students with an entrepreneurial spirit and a brilliant mind for business - read her story here.

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