Responsible Finance Network™ Award Winning FinTech NYC Small Business Loans

Who We Serve: is helping businesses, particularly those in underserved and overlooked communities, access quality low-cost financing through traditional community lenders. We work primarily with small businesses, non-profits, and entrepreneurs with 2+ years in operation seeking $50K+ in financing.

We are also working to level the playing-field for underserved groups such as racial and ethnic minorities, women, rural entrepreneurs and millennials. For example, while women-owned businesses account for more than 30% of all entities in the US, they account for less than 4% of all financing acquired each year by small businesses. 

Who We Work With:

Providing the first viable alternative to predatory online lenders, works exclusively with high-quality traditional lenders. These lenders include Community Banks, Credit Unions, CDFIs, and State and Local Economic Development Finance Initiatives.

Why You Should Work With Us: wants to send you high-quality applicants who match your lending guidelines at no charge. It's simple: you tell us who you want to lend to, and we send you applicants that meet your criteria. We’ll help you diversify, expand your reach, reduce the cost of your customer acquisition, and comply with your CRA requirements. 

Our Responsible Finance Network™ provides strong competitive advantage for our participating lenders. We do not share the information you disclose and we'll never charge for the deals we send you. We work for our small businesses and we're here to help them find the lender who's the best fit. 


Required information

Please submit the details of your loan program via the form or an attachment. Additionally, please provide the following items via attachment and/or in the comments block:

  1. When available: overview of lending programs offered & eligibility criteria.

  2. Small business loan application in .pdf or .docx format.

  3. When applicable to new/small firms, personal loan app (.pdf or .docx format).

  4. Any other required forms (.pdf or .docx format).

  5. A list of any other supplemental docs required to be submitted with the application.

  6. Mailing address where businesses we refer should submit their financing application.