Small Business Loans

A better way.

Nearly 3,000 credit-worthy entrepreneurs and businesses are declined for small business financing every day in the U.S. because they didn't apply to the right community lender.

Accessing our network of trusted community lenders, helps you get the right funding from the right source. Our university and foundation backed platform is designed to speed up the business loan application process & provide an alternative to predatory online lenders.

Step 1:

Access your free Funding Profile.

Step 2:

Our system will do all the work with advanced matching algorithms searching through the complete network of over 14,000 trusted and low-cost community lenders the U.S.

Step 3:

Discuss your matches with your dedicated Funding Advocate and use our universal application.


A better way to fund your business:


The universal funding application.

Every lender uses a unique loan application that takes 33 hrs to complete. Our universal application will do all the work and submit for you. NYC FinTech Funding Small Businesses

Access thousands of funders. Instantly.

Small businesses prefer funding from community lenders. Our platform provides unparalleled access to U.S. community lenders.

Match with funding that's the right fit.

Protect your credit score and apply with confidence knowing you're being matched with the responsible, low-cost community lenders that are the best fit.

Artificial intelligence & machine learning.

Our revolutionary matchmaking platform uses machine learning to improve outcomes as each entrepreneur, business, and nonprofit applies for financing.

Mutually beneficial business model.

To support lenders, and borrowers, we provide a pipeline of vetted and e-verified lenders and borrowers that are right for each other.

Better outcomes for small businesses.

We bridge the gap between quality funding & small businesses to provide the first low-cost alternative to predatory online lenders.