Business Tips for Student Entrepreneurs


BROOKLYN, NY (February 12, 2018) - Starting a business as a student is an exhilarating challenge that requires a strategic approach. Entrepreneur offers a guide to smart financial tips for students starting out in the business world.

Read the entire article here. connected Medgar Evers College student Ashley Warmington with a 0% interest loan for her AirBnB management company CozyOasis.

“Searching for financing to grow my company took a lot of time away from running my business and each lender handed me a big stack of application forms,” explained Ms. Warmington. “ on the other hand was able to match me with the right funding from the most trusted source and on the first attempt — saving significant time and money — all with the assistance of a personal Funding Advocate looking out for my best interests and assisting throughout the process and when I ran into issues with the lender.”

Ashley is an incredible example of what’s possible for students with an entrepreneurial spirit and a brilliant mind for business - read her story here.

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