Veteran Small Business Owners

The Rise of Veteran-Owned Small Businesses

Photo by  Aaron Burden  on  Unsplash

NEW YORK, NY (November 15, 2017) In the United States, veterans are a significant force in the world of small businesses. One in four veterans own a small business, a rate that is 7.7% above the national average - that's 2.5 million veteran entrepreneurs. In "The top places in America for veteran small business owners", economist Lucas Puente presents the results of a national survey by Thumbtack and writes,

"The other thing veterans point to as being a catalyst to their success is being part of a supportive community. While every business’ needs are different, being in a place where veteran-owned businesses are valued by clients, bankers, suppliers, and others can help provide a leg up in the potentially harrowing process of starting and growing a small business."

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