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Holland, Michigan Named Best City in America to Start a Business


HOLLAND, MI (April 20, 2018) excerpt via THE WASHINGTON POST - Holland, Michigan was determined to be the best city in America for starting a business in a study by WalletHub.

An algorithm accounting for small business growth, small business revenue, hours per workweek, commute time, higher education assets and other factors was used to decide the winner.

“I have seen tremendous support for small-town businesses from local leaders, schools and residents,” Michael Glauser, executive director of the Center for Entrepreneurship at the Huntsman School of Business, said to The Washington Post. “One small business owner I know has a store in a small town and one in a large town. He gets far more support and stronger sales in his small-town operation. People want him to succeed and stick around.”

Other cities ranked highest in specific categories. St. Cloud, Minnesota; Pine Bluff, Arkansas; and Muncie, Indiana were ranked highest for cities with the most accessible business financing. The cities with the highest average growth in small businesses were New Iberia, Louisiana; Warner Robins, Georgia; and Gulfport, Mississippi.

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