Louisiana Small Businesses Received $328 Million in SBA Loans in 2018


BATON ROUGE, LA (October 10, 2018) - Approximately 500 small businesses in Louisiana receive $328 million in small business loans from the Small Business Administration (SBA) in 2018, according to a recent SBA report. The report determined that this was an increase of 69% in dollars and 29% in loans since 2017.

“As I say at every opportunity, I am grateful to all our lending partners who value and use SBA guarantees to extend much-needed growth capital to Louisiana small businesses,” said SBA District Director Michael Ricks. “Our increase in lending this year is in large part due to our lending partners’ dedication to lending to the small business community.”

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SBA Awards $150,000 FAST Award to Wyoming SBDC

Wyoming Small Business Loans

JACKSON HOLE, WY (August 22, 2018) - The US Small Business Administration has named the Wyoming Small Business Development Center as a recipient of the Federal and State Technology (FAST) Partnership Program award.

“FAST partners are an important part of the innovation entrepreneur ecosystem.  They provide training, financial and technical assistance for small, next-generation technology businesses, and help them navigate federally-funded innovation and R&D programs,” said Linda McMahon of the SBA.

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A Beginner’s Guide to SBA Loans


NEW YORK, NY (February 15, 2018) - Understanding the many financing options available is essential for entrepreneurs looking to expand their business. presents an introduction to Small Business Administration loans, which can be a good option for business owners who have already been turned down for a loan application

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SBA Study Calls For More Community Banks and Credit Unions


NEW YORK, NY (February 5, 2018) - A new study by the Small Business Administration finds that small business lending has grown significantly faster at small banks since the 2008 financial crisis, and encourages the establishment of more community banks and credit unions.

“Regulators should take steps to encourage the formation of new community banks, which are specialists in small business lending,” the study recommends.

Credit unions are also highlighted for their impact in the world of small business lending.

“Credit union lending to small businesses has more than doubled from 2008 to 2016, from $30 billion to $60 billion,” the article reports.

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