Small Businesses Booming in Rhode Island


PROVIDENCE, RI (September 26, 2018) - The state of Rhode Island invested in numerous small business development and funding programs and is enjoying a subsequent boom in small businesses and startups.

The state government recently launched a small business funding program providing capital to 125 new businesses, as well as initiatives to help new and existing businesses on product development, research and recruiting new talent.

“Providence seemed like a place where people could really follow their passions and open the store of their dreams,” said Emma Ramadan, owner of Riffraff Bookstore and Bar. “Every person we turned to for help or assistance, whether in government or the small business association or our lender, helped us so much along the way.”

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Cleveland’s New Business Growth Collaborative Supports Minority Business Owners


CLEVELAND, OH (April 19, 2018) excerpt via CRAIN'S CLEVELAND BUSINESS - Ten organizations in Cleveland have coordinated to establish a coalition supporting growth initiatives for minority business owners, known as the Business Growth Collaborative.

"At its core, the BGC is about putting the needs of diverse entrepreneurs and small business owners first," said Cathy Belk, president of JumpStart Inc. "Each organization in the BGC has their own unique strengths and ways of doing things — but the best way to help the people we all serve get the knowledge and support they need is to work together whenever and wherever possible."

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Small Businesses are Booming in Chicago


CHICAGO, IL (February 7, 2018) - Eighty-eight percent of Chicago small business owners plan to expand their businesses this year, up from 72% last year, according to the Chicagoland Small Business Economic Outlook Survey.

71% of business owners expect higher revenue in 2018 and 42% plan to hire full-time employees this year.

However, top concerns include hiring skilled employees and managing healthcare and cybersecurity.

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