Artificial Intelligence

Time-Saving Technology for Entrepreneurs


NEW YORK, NY (February 9, 2018) - Running a small business is a life-consuming career choice: one third of small business owners work more than 50 hours per week, and one fourth work more than 60 hours per week, according to a New York Enterprise Report poll.

GirlTalkHQ presents the latest innovative tools to run your business with the help of automation and artificial intelligence.

Surprisingly, email takes up more time than any other activity, the article reports. 32% of business owners’ time is spent on email, with unscheduled communication taking the longest. Smart email tools and digital assistants are two resources that can save hours of time each day so that business owners can focus on high-level tasks.

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Big Data for Small Businesses


NEW YORK, NY (January 19, 2018) - Big Data and artificial intelligence have been hot topics in the media lately - and yet most entrepreneurs don’t realize that they can use these tools in their own business.

“The majority of techniques used in Big Data and the Internet of Things (even some artificial intelligence) don’t require a large budget or a huge staff. They only require a willingness to learn and experiment,” the business blog SmallBizTrends reports.

The blog presents a fascinating list of books on Big Data, introducing the opportunities that it offers for business and offering ways to utilize these resources.  

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Is AI a Threat to Fair Lending?


NEW YORK, NY (September 14, 2017) excerpt via AMERICAN BANKER - "There are all sorts of legal and technical issues about how lending rules apply to the new breed of online lenders, but here’s a more fundamental one: How sure are they their automated technology is colorblind?

Even if a company has the best intentions of following fair-lending principles, it’s debatable whether the artificial intelligence engines that online lenders typically use —and that banks are just starting to deploy — are capable of making credit decisions without inadvertently lending in affluent sections and not in minority neighborhoods."

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