GSEI Featured by SME Finance Forum

NEW YORK CITY (November 14, 2016) - A new $100 million Clinton Foundation-sponsored platform bidding to take on predatory online lenders by offering America's underserved communities a low-cost alternative, is opening its doors for beta testing. Developed by the Global Social Enterprise Institute (GSEI), uses a proprietary common application and matchmaking software to help it connect individuals, businesses and other organizations with a national network of partner community banks, credit unions and economic development organizations. Partners with Syracuse University's Whitman School of Management FinTech Small Business Loans Whitman School Syracuse University

SYRACUSE, NY (April 23, 2015) - was developed through a rewarding partnership between entrepreneur W. Michael Short, the Martin J. Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University, & top MBA students collaborating to build the platform.

"This project provides unique opportunities to engage with budding entrepreneurs across the world," said second-year MBA student Aishik Barua at the time. "Mr. Short is a wonderful mentor who gives insightful feedback, generous encouragement and meaningful learning opportunities to help prepare students for future success."

Whitman School Syracuse W. Michael SHort