IN THE NEWS: Selected Forbes Editors' Pick - “Funding Platform Aims To 'Level The Playing Field' For Small Business”

NEW YORK CITY (March 31, 2018) was highlighted by Forbes in the feature “A New Funding Platform Aims To 'Level The Playing Field' For Small Business” by Robb Mandelbaum.

"In 2014, research by Karen Mills, former administrator of the Small Business Administration under President Obama, confirmed what [ CEO W. Michael Short] found on the ground [as a Syracuse University Engagement Scholar and social entrepreneur helping small businesses & high impact initiatives access capital].

"There's a disconnect," Short said, "between lenders who say they can't find qualified applicants, and the credit-worthy businesses going from lender to lender and can't find a loan." That year he decided to launch as a nationwide resource for small businesses. “If you're a business owner, you're really on your own,” Short explained. “It's impossible to get the full picture of [every business financing opportunitity & what's the best match]."

"In January, Short, who is 31, [completed the national expansion of, which is] intended to provide that big picture — especially for underserved businesses, like those owned by women and minorities, who find it disproportionately harder to borrow money. Over the last four years, his company has painstakingly collected data on loan programs and application requirements from some 14,000 institutions nationwide, including small community banks, credit unions, local economic aid groups known as community development financial institutions, and other nonprofit lenders."

About provides an easy, safe and secure online system for entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations in the U.S. to apply for low-cost financing from high-quality community lenders using the nation’s first universal small business loan application process. was launched as an inclusive, transparent and low-cost alternative to the rapidly growing number of predatory online lenders and predatory online loan brokers. The financial technology platform’s unprecedented Responsible Finance Network includes over 14,000 trusted community banks, non-profit lenders, credit unions and CDFIs in the U.S.

Highlighted for economic impact at the White House and for socially responsible "FinTech Innovation" in the Business & Management Review, the university, foundation and investor-backed is leveling the playing field for ALL entrepreneurs in the U.S. so they can easily find and secure the quality business financing to expand and create jobs.