Frequently Asked Questions


What makes different? is an Information Technology platform matching business owners with financing.

  • We only match with high-quality, traditional lenders: community banks, credit unions, and community development financial institutions. We do not affiliate with predatory online lenders and lenders do not pay us incentives to join our network.

  • Our unprecedented Responsible Finance Network™ includes all of the over 14,000 community lenders in all 50 states.

  • Our proprietary matchmaking software matches you with the right financing for your unique business, so that you know the best matches before you begin to apply.

  • Our Common Application and personal support from our Funding Advocates save you from wasting hours filling out applications.

  • is a socially responsible initiative committed to financial inclusion backed by university & foundation partners to level the playing field for ALL entrepreneurs.

How can I contact

Message a Funding Advocate in our Live Chat or email us at

Where can I read the customer agreements?

Review our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and E-Sign Agreement. An additional Secure Application Service Agreement will be provided to you prior to us initiating any lender outreach on your behalf.

How do I use the platform?

1. Create a free Funding Profile. One of our Funding Advocates will contact you to personally guide you through our matchmaking and universal application process.
2. Our matchmaking software searches our proprietary database of over 14,000 lenders in our nationwide Responsible Finance Network™ to find the best matches for your business.
3. Our Funding Advocates will share results and guide you in completing and submitting a financing application to a community lender that you select, quickly, and efficiently.

Who provides funding? is an InfoTech service that connects you with trustworthy community lenders - community banks, credit unions and community development financial institutions (CDFIs) - to find the best financing options for your business. Learn about our Responsible Finance Network™ here.
We provide the first transparent alternative to predatory online small business lenders who often provide misleading information, offer access only to their prefered lenders who pay incentives while falsely claiming to be a “marketplace” of lenders, and charge high interest rates and hidden fees.

How much funding can you connect me with?

Although is not a direct lender, we have a network of over 14,000 community banks, credit unions and community development financial institutions that provide various forms of financing to fit your needs. We help connect business owners with financing of $50,000 and up. For funding of less than $50,000, we have a number of micro-lenders in our network. Whether you need a line of credit or a term loan, connects you with the lender matching your needs.

Will you check my credit?

No, we will not check your credit. We ask you to self report your credit score on our universal application in order to connect you with the financing matching your circumstances. If you decide to apply for a loan, our Funding Advocate team will connect you with the lender and help you submit your application. After submitting the application to the lender, you will work directly with the lender.

Can I reapply if I’m declined for financing (or have been declined previously)?

Yes, absolutely. Pursuing financing for your business is a process. Your personal Funding Advocate will help you pursue and apply for multiple opportunities easily with our universal application.

What fees are charged for taking a loan? doesn’t charge a fee for small businesses to create a free Funding Profile and find out if they have funding matches, thanks to the generous support of our university and foundation partners. If a business decides to proceed with a formal application and receives funding, will only collect a “Pay for Success” fee - please see our Terms of Use.

Our “Pay for Success” fee is built into the loan request and repaid over the period of the loan so that our clients aren’t burdened by an up-front lump sum fee or any hidden fees.

Over the course of the financing repayment, this simply amounts to the equivalent of a 3% increase in APR. Since we work exclusively with low-cost and nonprofit community lenders, our clients in all circumstances pay significantly less than they would with competing online lenders. As a mission-driven social enterprise focused on cultivating long-term relationships and economic impact, we provide low-cost financing and advocate for our client’s best interest, not the lenders.