What is a Funding Connector?

Partners of our university and foundation-backed platform are selected individuals and organizations that are helping businesses, startups and nonprofits in their communities get funding by connecting them with SourceFunding.org.

Partners refer clients and help expedite them through the process, but are not liable for anyone they endorse. Our mutually beneficial model ensures that partners are highlighted by SourceFunding.org and recognized for their services.


Nonprofit, startup and business financing

Partner Responsibilities:

There are two fundamental aspects to a Partner relationship:

  1. Spread the word about SourceFunding.org. A primary Partner role is to share information about SourceFunding.org with their community.

  2. Promote organizations supporting their community. SourceFunding.org Partners are featured and recognized for their work in their communities.



Nonprofit, startup and business financing


  1. Expand your network. A successful endorsement can be shared with the network and increase visibility.

  2. Provide guidance for entrepreneurs. Partners can draw on their experience and involvement in the community to advise businesses, startups and nonprofits and help ensure their success. 

Nonprofit, startup and business financing





  1. Increase positive exposure. Our Partner profile page will showcase your membership and contribution in supporting businesses, startups and nonprofits.

  2. Measure your outcomes. Partners can track and share results on successful referrals to demonstrate their impact. 

  3. Invest in the community. Partners make an incredible difference in community-building by helping organizations connect with trustworthy financing, grow and create jobs.


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