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We'll follow-up within 1 business day. provides an easy, safe and secure online system for entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations in the U.S. to apply for low-cost financing from high-quality community lenders using the nation’s first-ever universal small business loan application process.

University, foundation and investor-backed was launched as an inclusive, transparent and low-cost alternative to the rapidly growing number of predatory online lenders and brokers. The FinTech platform’s unprecedented Responsible Finance Network includes over 14,000 trusted community banks, non-profit lenders, credit unions and CDFIs in the U.S.

Recently featured in Forbes, highlighted for economic impact at the White House and for socially responsible "FinTech Innovation" in the Business & Management is leveling the playing field for all entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations in the U.S. so they can match with, apply for, and secure quality financing.

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Field Office: Medgar Evers College School of Business • City University of NY

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