Our Mission:

Inclusive Finance

Simplifying the small business loan application process.

Nearly 3,000 credit-worthy entrepreneurs and businesses are declined for small business financing every day in the U.S. because they didn't apply to the right community lender.

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As noted by Karen Mills, distinguished senior fellow at Harvard University and former head of the U.S. Small Business Administration, respected expert in entreprenuership, economics, and online lending innovation:

 There is a disconnect between banks, who claim that there’s a lack of demand and that they can’t find enough qualified borrowers, and creditworthy business owners, who describe going from bank to bank unable to get a business loan. 

Benefiting from this disconnect, a large and growing number of predatory online lenders are emerging with deceptive tactics, predatory practices, misleading fees, & hidden costs.

 SourceFunding.org is a university and foundation backed online platform matching entrepreneurs and small businesses with the complete national network of over 14,000 trusted, transparent, and low-cost community banks, credit unions, and community development financial institutions in the U.S.

SourceFunding.org is the first ever universal application system and provides a funding advocate to assist throughout the entire process.

Trust & Transparency

When the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) needed guidance on coordinating with community banks, who did they ask for assistance? 


Funding Freedom

Thanks to the support of our university and foundation partners, we provide an inclusive, transparent, & low-cost alternative to the growing number of predatory online lenders.

SourceFunding.org makes it easy for entrepreneurs and small businesses to match with, and apply to, high-quality community lenders.

Our Responsible Finance Network™ includes trusted community banks, credit unions, CDFIs, and state and local economic development finance initiatives.

We're leveling the playing field for ALL entrepreneurs in the U.S. so they can easily find and secure the quality, low-cost, and transparent financing needed to expand and create jobs.